Tips on Cleaning a Modern shower

Cleaning today’s shower can be a real challenge if you do not know how to approach the job confidently and how to come prepared. Have you ever wondered what damage all that bleach is doing to your shower, let alone your skin. The news about the bleach is not good news. And what about the environment? Well, I am going to explain to you how to bring your Formica shower back to looking its very best and all by only using a non-toxic product to protect the lining of your shower, the environment and most importantly your precious families skin!

So Let’s bring that dirty, and possibly scummy, water stained Formica shower back to life; using only everyday items you have at home in your cleaning arsenal and perhaps 1 or 2 extras which you will use time and time again for this purpose.

• Formica shower needing a thorough clean
• 1 old toothbrush retired from cleaning anyone’s teeth
• Citrus based cleaning product
• Any brands of anti-fungal laundry liquid, I like to use Canestan or something with tea tree oil
• 1 nylon scrubbing brush
• Window cleaning spray
• Dry cotton cloths
• 24 hours to spare

Step 1: Take the anti-fungal liquid and completely cover the base and the tray of the shower with this product. Leave it to soak in for 10 minutes, then take to it with the nylon scrubbing brush. Scrubbing eagerly into every nook and cranny you can access. If you find that the liquid has started to disappear, then replace the coating with some more before shutting the shower door and walking away for 24 hours. I like to do this part after having my evening shower and before going to bed one evening.

Step 2: The next morning you will notice an immediate difference. Now you have a partially clean and partially scummy shower to finish off. So let’s get to it! Take that old toothbrush and whilst standing in the shower apply it gently to all corners and any areas that still look dirty. Now add a little sprinkle of water to get that cleaner loosened up a little. Now take the larger nylon brush and do the same to the larger panels of the shower and the inside of the windows and door panels.

Step 3: Apply the shower head spray to the whole shower inside making sure to rinse away all the residue from the cleaner. You should see the dirt washing away as you rinse.

Step 4: using the window cleaning product spray and wipe off all the glass surfaces on the inside and the outside of the shower.

Step 5: Dry the shower in and out with paper towels to buff to a shine.

I hope that this makes your shower cleaning experience a lot easier and more effective without using harsh chemicals either. This method over time can bring your shower back to life and looking like new again; and as an added bonus your shower is now fungi free!

Photo is credit to: Peter Dahlgren

Should You Buy Bread Machine?

Embrace the rise of a popular good quality bread maker. But not all are rated equal. Besides all good benefits of a bread maker there is always a downside. Hence, these are  disadvantages of a bread maker, so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s for you.

These disadvantage of a bread maker vary depending on your lifestyle. That is why before you buy a bread maker, make it sure you know your preference. Thus considering the size of the bread maker pan matters if you have bigger or smaller family. And the pan size is important if you cook large amount of breads. Also, the physical and the whole bread maker size to fit your kitchen stand.

Here are the disadvantage of a bread machine:

1. Nuts can leave scratches on the bread pan. I use to mix nuts, sometimes whole peanuts, almonds and walnuts directly into the dough. My advice, is to mix whole nuts after the entire dough is properly kneaded.

2. Bread mixtures may overflow. If not careful, the bread mixture may overflow from the bread pan and will stick on the bread maker body. Cleaning the bread maker body doesn’t allow water to run through it. The tendency is it will give a disappointing mess. But this can be eliminated by adjusting the bread recipe to fit exactly with the size of the bread pan. That is how important as to how to choose the bread maker size.

3. Bread maker timer. Attentively set the timer or else you’ll end up with no bread at all. Don’t forget to set am or pm, average time to cook to achieve the right texture of the bread.

4. Electric usage. Some bread makers are Eco-friendly. Try to check carefully how much electricity does it take to bake a bread.

Anyway, these are just a quick list of bread machine disadvantages, but to me all are still better than doing it from scratch. Remember that nothing that can buy a lost time.If you are asking which bread machine to buy, check out all the review and choose one within your budget. By following the guides all included when you purchase a bread maker, you will not likely to mess things up in any possible way.

Oven Cleaning Magic

After each cooking and baking with your ovens, do you prefer to clean it immediately? Or just clean your ovens at the end of the day?

On busy days or when I’m in a hurry, I use to leave the ovens after each use and tried to clean it up at the end of the day. For some cases, I clean the oven only when I saw some grease or spills around inside.

That is a big no. Here’s why:

Every time we use a microwave oven to steam, toast, cook or bake the tendency is that molecules from the foods stick inside on the walls. Molecules from foods forms a bacteria fast especially during wet season. And the next time we use the oven, bacteria that is mold around will go into our foods. Nobody’s want to have micro-bacteria playing with our foods right?

Not all foods produce the same savor. I was wondering one day when I am eating a toasted bread, it taste like there’s a curry powder sprinkled over. And I realized my husband heat a left over beef curry over a pasta and toast it in the oven. I was disgusted and decided to clean the oven every after use.

It is twice harder to clean sticky stains that is left inside the oven for quite some times. Means it is time consuming just cleaning old stains.

Several cleaning agents for oven are available at the local groceries. But I prefer a homemade cleaning agents, it’s organic and less pricey. Thus I can easily grab it when there’s a need to, because it’s available in the kitchen. My usual cleaning agents are baking soda, apple vinegar or just a lemon squeeze and some dish-washing soap.

Ovens such as microwave, toaster or convection ovens are used for foods. It is always a best practice to leave it clean and ready to use anytime. Proper sanitation is a must to have a healthy and tastier foods to serve for the family.

This oven cleaning tips credit goes to Oven Reviews HQ.

Organic Nails

Who says that being conscientious about the planet and your health has to come with the cost of not looking your best? Being clean and well-groomed is important to everybody, not just those who have no qualms using whatever products are presented to them on the market. The savvy and educated shopper can enjoy the benefits of beautiful hands and nails without the cost of environmental damage or health concerns when they use natural products that are designed specifically for organic nails.

Mani-Pure: Berry Couture Organic Nails Polish
Start your manicure off right with this organic nails polish that is made with a long lasting formula which stays fresh for days. The ingredients work with your nails’ chemistry to nourish and protect again future damage. Free of Big 3 and Big 5, Mani-Pure products are safe for pregnant women. The non-toxic, vegan organic nails polish is superlative to the standard polishes on the market, and one quick swipe on your nail will tell you all you need to know. It’s packaged cute too, with a bamboo handle for even more environmental fortitude.

Karma Organic Nails Polish Remover made with Soy
After you have painted your nails you might find that later you want to remove the polish with an organic nails polish remover. You will then want to choose Karma Organic Nails Polish Remover. It is 100% corn and soy based which makes it 100% biodegradable. It comes in 3 types: tea tree, lavender, and unscented; all of which are conveniently packaged in 100% recyclable bottles made of glass. For a low price, you will get 4 fluid ounces of non-carcinogenic organic nails polish remover that is free of petroleum ingredients. Reduce the amount of paint on your nails while reducing your carbon footprint. The ingredients are all derived from American farm crops to help support our nation’s farming industry.

Mavala Stop Switzerland Organic Cuticle Care
Now that you have painted and unpainted your nails, you may want to stop yourself from biting your now bare nails. In that case, you want to grab some Mavala Stop, it is the best line of organic nails defense against biting your nails and making them ugly. Now only is it unattractive, it is unhealthy. Mavala Stop does just what its name says it does: it stops you from chewing on your hands with its organic formula that is safe for children over the age of 3. The bitter taste keeps you from putting your fingers in your mouth and can be used right on top of your favorite organic nails polish.

Argan Oils for Organic Nails
Argan oils are great for conditioning your skin and hair, so having a bottle at hand when you are taking care of your nails is pretty important if you wish to have soft, supple, and beautiful organic nails.

  • Magador is a fair trade product which helps with women in Morocco to improve their lives through the Berber Women’s Cooperative. This product has no preservative, fragrances, or dyes either.
  • Pura D’or is another great organic nails Argan oil products for beautiful nails, skin, and hair. Imported from Morocco, it is bottled right here in the U.S.A. and is one of the best products on the market.

Photo credit: Amy Schilling